Interesting Flash Drive

by Nick on September 20th, 2011

Besides making the specific flash drives our customers order, we also spend a lot of time online, scouring the internet for cool and interesting ideas to incorporate into flash drive design. Sometimes we find somebody who has beaten us to the punch, so to speak, and made a really unique flash drive on their own. This is exactly the case with the drive I’m featuring today, the FlashHarp. Found on this drive is a functional harmonica, as well as a working flash drive, though its a bit smaller than the usual harmonica and a bit larger than the average flash drive.

Although a cool concept, the price tag is hefty for a 4GB flash drive, not to mention the fact that you cannot use both functions of the device at once, so if you were hoping to learn to play the harp while transferring files onto your flash drive, you will have to look elsewhere. Regardless of it’s shortcomings, this drive really caught our attention for being an original and fun idea. If you’ve got a cool flash drive or have seen a really unique one online, let us know. We are always interested to see what cool ideas are being thought up!


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