Custom Flash Drives – The Possibilities Are Endless

by Nick on April 2nd, 2012

Poker Chips USB drive

Nowadays it seems not even promotional flash drives are enough to capture the attention of customers. Sure a USB drives are always received eagerly and kept for future use because of their data storage capabilities, but it’s that initial spark of interest that needed a little tweaking.

Enter Custom Shaped flash drives. USB wholesalers can basically take any idea, sketch, drawing, or crazy concept you come up with and use their resources to turn it into a custom shaped flash drive. Just as the name implies, these drives have a customized shape that usually are unique to a company logo, brand, product, or mascot. Say you run a golf club and are looking to give out promotional USBs featuring the new golf course layouts you’ve put together at the grand opening – you could ask that the drives be shaped like golf balls, golf tees, or golf clubs. Stuff like this always comes across as in-the-now, relevant, stylish, funny, and eye catching at marketing events and go out like hot cakes.

Sumo Wrestling Flash Drive

You could also create custom 2 dimensional shaped drives that would work just as well. Companies with unique logos or brand names can have their drives shaped to incorporate that concept. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Microsoft, and Apple are instantly recognizable in a lot of cases solely by their company logo or brand name styling. So say you own a car detailing company whose logo incorporates your signature that looks unique and stylish in your own way, the custom shaped flash drives would integrate that concept into it. Lastly if you have a cool, funny or recognizable mascot like the android bot or Disney’s Mickey Mouse, you can take that concept, and make 3 dimensional graphic miniatures that hide the USB function but incorporate it all the same. It’s fun to carry around in your car or on a key chain and doesn’t take up much room.

So if you own or manage a business you’ll probably be on the constant look out for ways to increase your sales and to keep your name in front of customers. There are countless ways to go about this, but ultimately it’s about getting your company logo or brand into the brain of your target market. Using custom shaped USB flash drives is the perfect way to do just that; there are many reasons to consider these over other promotional items during sales calls and other events. Because customized memory sticks are not very big you need to decide what information you want to include on them. Usually your logo and contact information such as your website is sufficient; you don’t need to include too much else on those customized memory sticks. Your clients and customers probably already know what you sell so there’s no need an entire sales pitch in such a small space! Keep it brief but recognizable when you have them imprinted. And why are customized memory sticks such a great option? People need to have promotional items that they use and that they use often. Not everyone drinks coffee so coffee mugs may be a waste of money, and while everyone uses pens, they eventually dry up and get tossed out. USB flash drives are constantly reusable and far exceed their value in your future marketing endeavors.

Android's Andy USB drive

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