Intel’s Promotional USB Drives

by Nick on October 5th, 2011

While we post pictures of many of the unique drives that are ordered from us, when the order falls into one of two categories, I make it a point to snap some photos. Those two categories are: well known, global organizations (such as our drives for BMW, McDonald’s, and Heineken) and computer & internet related organizations (Zoosk,, ClareHome). Today we have an order that fits both my favorite categories: swivel style drives for Intel Corporation, the multinational computer chip manufacturer. Feast your eyes on this:

Promotional USB Drives
Intel choose to go with our swm style, a capless USB drive with their logo printed right onto the metal swivel part of the drive. They also ordered custom printed cases with the drive, wallet sized metal boxes that feature Intel’s logo as well as a clear window through which you can see the USB drive. I can’t help but wonder what use these drives will be put to: will they be distributed to consumers as a promotional product, or will they be used in-house in one of Intel’s factories or corporate offices? Ultimately I cannot speculate what Intel’s intentions are for these drives, but I do know this, the Intel logo looks great on this white and silver drive and I wish we had some extras so I could add one to my collection. Oh well, there’s always the next order…

intel's promotional USB drives

USB Drives for Intel

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  1. how I can get one of these intel ucb?

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