Wells Fargo Orders Again

by Nick on September 10th, 2009

Wells Fargo Drive

We got yet another large order from Wells Fargo in today. This time they went with our DH style drive. This sleek, compact little drive is extremely durable and portable. They have also opted to use our data pre-loading service to save some much needed capital. By distributing most of their written materials for office staff on the drives rather than printing large amounts of paper booklets, they are saving approximately 30% over the cost of printing.

In the quest for a greener work environment you too can end up saving capital by using Flash Drives and being a player in the ever-growing, eco-friendly business environment. Using flash drives to distribute data, whether inter-office, or to potential customers, is an excellent way to both save money AND help the environment. Less trees need to be cut down, less strain on our recycling companies, and the best part is: All of our drives are ROHS compliant, free of Lead, Cadium, and other harmful chemicals. If you have any experience in printed materials, then you know how much printing a 100-page training manual can become. It gets me fuming when I think of how disposable these become because the only value it has is the value that employee places upon the company it represents. I know this seems a little harsh, but this is the real world and most people hate their jobs. So, why not give your employee an added incentive, a bonus if you will, to reading that manual and placing more value to it by offering them a “gift” along with it? Plus, flash drives are more likely to get lost than thrown away, unlike printed materials that have to be tossed or recycled at the end of each quarter. But, what about the data on the drive? What if someone decides that they don’t need it anymore and want to delete it? Well, there is a solution for that, too!

Our Permanent Content service can secure any data from deletion or manipulation. By creating a partition on the flash drive, we essentially split the drive into to parts. the first part, which acts as a CD or DVD will contain data that is to be protected, and the remaining part of the drive still acts as a storage device. For example: If you had an employee training manual you wanted on a customized flash drive and still allow your employees to save pertinent paperwork, spreadsheets, etc. onto that same drive, you would choose the Permanent Content service. Say you decide to go with a 1Gb drive imprinted with your company logo and you want to upload a manual of approx. 50Mb. The 50Mb document will be safely paritioned to one side of the drive while you would still have 995Mb worth of storage space. When you plug in the drive, the computer will actually recognize it as two devices, another way to guarantee that important material is seen properly.

Any way you slice it, customized, pre-loaded USB drives are a cost-effective and just-plain-effective way to distribute data of any kind. Folks, don’t just look at the inital investment you would have to make. Unlike the vast majority of people, you need to LOOK TO THE FUTURE. Long-term. The $5, or $7, or even $15 you may spend on a customized flash drive today could end up costing you pennies in the long run!

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