Pretzels and USB drives, joy!

by Nick on February 24th, 2011

Auntie Anne’s, the pretzel deities if you’ve never heard of them ordered from us and you know what that means, pretzel party for the office! Along with the imprinted DE white drives they ordered we got 10-20 pretzels, just ’cause. I must say both where really awesome. We took some pictures of the drives and I managed to concoct a new signature item: carton-o-usb :).

Auntie Anne's Carton-O-USB
The "It" DE white USB drive!
Auntie Anne's USB Drives

It was very surprising to me that the pretzel made it through the whole photo shoot.

’till next time.

  1. thai permalink

    who do you get one

    • Nick permalink

      These where created for internal use, I don’t think they intend on selling them.

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