Super Secure Cryptex USB Flash Drive

by Nick on July 19th, 2011

In today’s world, with all the phone-hacking, patriot-acts and identity thieving, and it can never hurt to take extra steps to ensure your privacy. And while most USB drives can be encrypted or otherwise password protected, very few feature an actual, physical lock, the oldest form of security known to man! That is, up until now. I was very excited to find this usb drive, that truly has security in mind. Made to resemble an ancient cryptex , this usb drive requires you to physically enter a combination code to unlock the cap. Of course the drive can further be encrypted to deter more persistent criminals, hackers or international spies. All this security will not come cheap though, as right now there are no plans to produce these drives for retail sale, and you will have to go the costly DIY route. Should you decide to take the plunge and actually make some of these, do let me know, I’ve got some files I need hidden 😉



The original creator of this device is an elite security ninja, all we know is that he goes by “Tarator” and resides in Russia.

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