Look what came in the mail…

by Nick on August 12th, 2011

Today I checked the mail and I was quite surprised to see what was waiting for me. BMW sent me their welcome package for our new car. Apparently they are pretty hip to the USB scene because inside the little box/booklet was a card style USB drive with a custom epoxy coated raised BMW logo. bmw1

I plugged it into my computer, and a cool video started up automatically. People driving fast through scenic countryside and winding roads, all with huge smiles on their faces. These guys know their customers, I do like driving fast. Once the video ended, a flash screen appeared and I was presented with several options. There was a section with a digital owner’s manual, links to videos about the car’s features, special promotions BMW is running and information about how and why to sign up for an online account. It was a very well made presentation, and including it all on a custom flash drive was the icing on the cake. Had they emailed me with the same videos and information, I probably would never have read it, but receiving this physical USB drive made me excited to see what they had sent me. I checked out every last thing on the drive.

BMW really used these drives to their full potential. An attractive custom design on the card style drive and a preloaded auto-play presentation with links to their website, all on one of our most popular card style drives.



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