Custom Shaped BEER drives!

Summer is here and we have got a few custom shaped USB drives to help us celebrate the warm weather.

At the beach with Custom Flash Drives!

I am always impressed at how professional the custom shaped drives come out looking. Watching the production from just a drawing to a 3D working USB Drive in such a short period of time is amazing! Just one of the wonders of the modern age, I suppose.

Now that's a tasty looking USB drive.

Open up a bottle of USB Memory

The Miller Light drive is particularly interesting, as it has beer and foam floating around on the inside. The beer is fake though, so don’t go breaking the drive open if you’re thirsty 😉

Custom Miller Light Drive

University of Colorado USB Drives

When I first started working here, I was surprised to learn that many of our clients are in the field of Education. High Schools order drives in their school colors with their mascot printed on the front. Universities order drives for sale at the student store, or for the staff of a certain department. Even elementary schools place orders for custom printed drives. The latest school we had the pleasure of working with was the University of Colorado.

University of Colorado Flash Drives!

The University decided to go with the SWM style drive, which is probably the most popular model we have. Having lost the cap to almost every USB drive I have ever owned, I can certainly see why our customers are so fond of the capless design. If any of you happen to attend the University of Colorado, be sure to leave us a comment if you see the drives around campus!

University of Colorado Flash Drives!

University of Colorado Flash Drives!

Custom colored USB drives for Zoosk!

Earlier today we received the long awaited order for the popular online dating site, This order had to be revised quite a few times along the way to meet the stringent requirements many corporations have for the use of their logos, and since these drives had been in pre-production for quite some time everyone at the office was excited to see how they turned out. I think I can safely say that nobody was disappointed.

Zoosk USB Flash Drives

The drives were a bit unusual in that they were printed in 5 colors. Typically we print up to 4 colors, or if more colors are required we use full-color print process instead. Zoosk also decided to have the drive body made in a custom color, to match the light blue color in their logo. Clearly their design team knows what they are doing, because these USB drives came out looking great.

SWM Custom USB Drives

Zoosk's Custom USB Order

Photographic USB portfolio on the case drive.

We have noticed a lot of orders coming in lately for photographers and wedding planners. Seems CDs are truly over and done with, more and more we see USB photo galleries being put onto USB drives. Today we got a really cool looking order in for a photographer, Patrick Broderick. The Case Style USB drive was ordered along with printed metal display boxes, those always look great. The flash drives were laser engraved and the boxes gold old fashioned silk screened.
Laser Engraved Case Style & Customized Metal Display Boxes
Patrick Broderick Customized Case Style Flash Drives
Custom Printed Metal Display Boxes
Hope you enjoyed the images.

Some custom colored drives and customized metal display cases.

Duffy & Shanley, a marketing company, ordered some flash drives and some of our metal display cases to match. The SWM was used and they handed us their PMS color to create a custom body color. The interesting thing about the order was that the USB Drives had no contact or company info on them, the boxes where used to display all that information. That left them a ton of space to print their logo fairly large which looks really good. Below are they pictures, hope to see more creativity in future orders 🙂
Duffy & shanley Custom USB Drive Order
Duffy & Shanley SWM Drives and Metal Display Boxes.
Duffy & Shanley Close Up
Duffy & Shanley Custom SWM Flash Drive Order.

We grew some Mushroom Networks USBs

Not really growing, but we sure made it look that way, well we tried. Usually we try to find more colorful and intricate logos and drives to take pictures of. This order, however, stood out. The simplistic nature of the logo and complexity of the font really made it look good. It shows just how nice the DE White style can be with just a plain print in a nice font with a cool color.
Mushroom Networks DE White Flash Drive
Mushroom Networks DE USB Drive White
Mushroom Networks DE Style USB Flash Drive
Mushroom Networks DE White USB Drive

Pretzels and USB drives, joy!

Auntie Anne’s, the pretzel deities if you’ve never heard of them ordered from us and you know what that means, pretzel party for the office! Along with the imprinted DE white drives they ordered we got 10-20 pretzels, just ’cause. I must say both where really awesome. We took some pictures of the drives and I managed to concoct a new signature item: carton-o-usb :).

Auntie Anne's Carton-O-USB
The "It" DE white USB drive!
Auntie Anne's USB Drives

It was very surprising to me that the pretzel made it through the whole photo shoot.

’till next time.

White Swivel SWM Drives for El Dorado Restoration

Some of the best looking prints are on white backgrounds so its a big surprise we get few orders for custom colored swivels on the SWM USB Drive. El Dorado Restoration, however, wanted to get a white swivel for their order and as expected they came out very well.

If you want to see more pictures visit the SWM style page on our site or search for SWM

DR White Swivel USB Drive #1
DR White Swivel USB Drive #2

Our classic wooden drives are making their comeback!

Dolan Geiman WDR1 Wooden USB Drives 3
Dolan Geiman WDR1 Wooden USB Drives 1
Dolan Geiman WDR1 Wooden USB Drives 2
We have been getting a lot of orders for our wooden drives in the paste couple months so we’ve decided to show off some of those orders. This style is our WDR1 Wooden USB it has a couple magnets in the cap to secure itself closed. Most of our wooden models are branded using our burn in process but we can also print them.

This order in particular was meant to showcase old west Americana for an artist. The print and the stained wood made a great match with the artistic style he has.

Procter & Gambles White on Blue SWM Drives

I thought these where pretty cool. The different blues with the white swivels really came out well. I had some fun with the blue paper background too.
P&G White on Blue SWM 1
P&G White on Blue SWM 2

P&G White on Blue SWM 3

If you want to check out more of these you can visit the SWM swivel USB style page. They are my favorite style, have a 16GB one myself.